Friday, December 31, 2010

The Brian Hopkins Project

Hi.  This is going to be my blog… The Brian Hopkins Project.  The original posts were from when Ashley and I went to South America.  Then I stopped.  The new idea to start writing again came out of two seemingly contradictory thoughts.

1.  I’m really interested in a lot of different subjects and I enjoy writing, so this is a way for me to do something different than what I am currently discussing at work or school.

2.  The explosion of social networking sites is full of people writing about things that they care about… but maybe not a lot of other people do.  I’m not as excited to know that you just checked in to your local convenience store.  Hopefully this becomes a conversation.

I have an amazing amount of diversity in my friendships- everybody from business school professors to anarchist welding inspectors- so it will be fun to see your respective perspectives.  I’m probably going to be wrong a lot, but your feedback is not only going to make me more accountable in my initial research, but I’m also going learn from you along the way.

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